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God Awful kimono - Kimono Monster

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June 14th, 2010

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04:51 am - God Awful kimono

So, I bought this horrifying orange dance kimono once. It was like the friggin' halloween bat outta hell with its fake shibori dots and man. It was an impulse buy. Like, MAN, this thing is AWESOME because it's WEIRD.

So, I buy it, and as it turns out, it doesn't match ANYTHING EVER. I'm serious. It's the unmatchable kimono. I'm not talking like, the perfect obi or something, I mean the thing was damn-near un-freaking-matchable.

And then... A light.
I found a pretty god-awful obi. It was black and orange. The same kind of ugly that this kimono would be. Slap in a SUPER RED age and a SUPER ORANGE jime and suddenly you have...


Ow. It's hurting my eyes.
Pictures soon enough.

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