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Kimono Monster

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July 25th, 2010

01:26 am





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July 12th, 2010

07:39 pm - Elongate that tweet!
I'll be staying at the church that my pastor trained at when he was in his 20's. It'll be in a little town, and I'll be there for 3 months with my pastor's son who is also training, and he'll help with translating and all that. Fantastic.

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04:59 pm - Ergh.

So, I totally put on my polkadot kimono with an awesome maple-leaf obi, and looked fantastic.
Then, I was like, okay, where's my camera?

Yeah, it's at my boyfriend's house. FFFFFFFF

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June 25th, 2010

02:31 pm - Thought #6

If I could get away with not slipping in the tail at the end, when tying a taiko, my life with these old nagoya obi would be easier. Sadly, they otherwise look like crap.


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June 19th, 2010

01:25 am - IRL PHOTOS

~ Who goes there in the lair of the Kimono Monster? ~

I lol'd. That was a little silly.
So, I have IRL pictures for once! Yeyyy~

So, as it turns out, that really fantastic BAMF yukata I bought is a little long, so I have to tie the Oshashiori really high. It's kind of long, still. But, I can work it.
But anyway, I decided to dress it up a little tonight; my juban collar melted into it, but whatever. It's pretty fantastic, amirite?

So, in other news, when I went up to Ragstock up in Chicago a few weeks ago. We all know what they have: Mostly black kimono, that are all kinds of torn up.
Well, I found me some pretty fantastic things, I did. A black obi, covered in paper cranes... a blue kimono with big white polka dots, a haori with a fantastic design...
But, something really awesome-possum showed it's head:

That is a ro hanhaba, from, what I think, is before the 1920's. It has a similar design to some ro Furisode that I've seen on Yamatoku that is pre 1920's. Oh man, it's more fantastic than it looks.
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June 18th, 2010

12:19 am - Thought #5

I tie hanhaba so nicely, I've been told that they look fake.

Would you rather tie a natural-looking and a bit messy bow, or one that's so perfect, it looks fake?

Just a thought.

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June 17th, 2010

09:44 pm - New stuffs!

I has me some new items. I love EBay.


-CORK ZORI, SON- I love Shinei's new EBay. Just the stuff I need for my casual life.

A juban with cute birds! Whoo!!


Look at this Yukata. Shit man. THAT'S yukata. <3

Double-sided Hanhaba. Isn't it sex?


Isn't this BADASS? Gyuuhh~

I'm bidding on other things. I can't wait to see what I win. And, I can't wait to friggin' wear it~~

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June 14th, 2010

04:51 am - God Awful kimono

So, I bought this horrifying orange dance kimono once. It was like the friggin' halloween bat outta hell with its fake shibori dots and man. It was an impulse buy. Like, MAN, this thing is AWESOME because it's WEIRD.

So, I buy it, and as it turns out, it doesn't match ANYTHING EVER. I'm serious. It's the unmatchable kimono. I'm not talking like, the perfect obi or something, I mean the thing was damn-near un-freaking-matchable.

And then... A light.
I found a pretty god-awful obi. It was black and orange. The same kind of ugly that this kimono would be. Slap in a SUPER RED age and a SUPER ORANGE jime and suddenly you have...


Ow. It's hurting my eyes.
Pictures soon enough.

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12:12 am - I want this, and I'm not really sure why...


It's ugly as sin. I'm not even one of those ugly kimono types, but fuck, man.


But, whoever got:


is one lucky SOB. That Juban and obi are fantastic.

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June 13th, 2010

10:57 pm - Thought #4

Am I wearing a dead woman's clothes?

Just a thought.

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